Do you know what is a CIMBALINO, a KARSK or a CA PHE TRUNG?

Momondo did an infographic of 40 coffee drinks around the world. I first discovered a French version on their website, and a few days after I had published the link, I received this amazing English version of “40 coffees to try in 29 countries” from Lucie, their Digital Marketing Executive for French Markets. How fantastic is that? THANK YOU SO MUCH, Lucie!
Coffee infographic EN with sources

Découvrez ce qu’est un cimbalino, un karsk ou un ça phe trung avec ce tour du monde en 40 cafés par Momondo!

Coffee Infographic sources:


And you, how did you start with coffee?

September 2011, Le Bal Café was publishing one of the most intriguing posts on their Facebook wall. Among their daily news and menus, there was this message: “demain soir, frog fight!” (Frog Fight, tomorrow night).

Le Bal Café's Facebook Page, September 2011: Frog Fright #13

Le Bal Café’s Facebook Page, September 2011: Frog Fright #13

For those of you who don’t already know Le Bal Café, it is a restaurant and café run by Anselme Blayney and chefs Anna Trattles et Alice Quillet, located in 6 Impasse de la Défense – 75018 Paris, near Place de Clichy. While photography enthusiasts were visiting the photography venue or the bookshop, I was crossing Paris from South to North, for the scones, the coffee and all the tasty dishes they cooked so well.

I dropped a few lines asking for permission to come and take pictures, and received in return the most inviting “Please, DO”. The day after, I was meeting the Frog Fight gang and discovering number 5 rue Villedo, Paris 1er, before the construction work and now known as Télescope Café.

As far as I could remember, I had always liked the smell of freshly grounded coffee but I could barely drink the beverage, except when I travelled to countries where coffee tasted better . By meeting Nicolas Clerc, Thomas Lehoux, David Flynn, Madison O’Mara, Peta Glaister, Nicolas Dumas and everyone in Paris who contributed to share their passion and knowledge of coffee, I had finally re-discovered the actual taste of coffee. And you, how did you start with coffee?

Bescherelle: Vous saviez comment conjuguer le verbe moudre?

Au présent de l’indicatif.
Je mouds.
Tu mouds.
Il/Elle moud.
Et là, j’ai eu un grand moment de doute… Je ne me souvenais pas de l’avoir entendu conjuguer au pluriel.
Est-ce que moudre, c’est comme coudre? Non. Mais c’est comment alors?
Heureusement que de nos jours, le bescherelle en ligne existe! Et cela donne: nous moulons, vous moulez, ils moulent. Comme le verbe du 1er groupe, mouler.

Bescherelle: conjuguer le verbe moudre.

Bescherelle: conjuguer le verbe moudre.


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