This morning, I received a mail from my friend A. asking if I could recommend him some coffee shops in London.

To be honest, I didn’t feel in a good position to do such a thing, as I haven’t crossed the Channel for a year and my taste and references have been continuously changing and evolving. With time and travel, I noticed that I could be disappointed by what I used to find good. But the opposite was also true, I could appreciate things I did not like before.

As nothing comes by chance, the day just before, Roast Magazine posted a list of “25 unmissable coffee shops in London” by Ailbhe Malone.

On top of that, Victoria Stewart recently updated her compilations of London’s best independent coffees shops in the London Evening Standard.

I would also have a look at the TimeOut London’s page, as they have been my travelling companion and city reference for years. Not to mention, a friend we have in common, who was visiting the British capital a few weeks ago.

With these lists and a map of your choosing, you should be able to drop anywhere in the Big Smoke and have a cup of coffee that makes you happy … I would be delighted to hear from you guys and to know what you have discovered or liked lately.


From Omid Tavallai, co-founder of Emperor Norton: