Daterra Bruzzi roasted by Antoine Nétien. © Ruoxiang Chau, all rights reserved.

1. Chung Leng Tran
2. Melodie Lauren Hoff
3. Channa Galhenage
4. Yann Cainjo

NOTA BENE: I must say that Antoine was the very first one to get the right answer, but he let the others play.

Each of you is going to receive a pack of Yirgacheffe freshly roasted by Caffe Cataldi! Just let me know in private message, how I can deliver that to you. Thanks for participating! I LOVE YOU!

ANSWER: It was The Broken Arm, located at number 12 rue Perrée – 75003 Paris, near the Square du Temple.
ANSWER TO THE BONUS QUESTION: It was the interior of an espresso machine.