Red lipstick. Black coffee. (Maybe some delicious pastries, too.)  … alternative title by Mister Tavallai, aka my consultant in titles.

Yesterday, I was having a coffee tour of Paris, to deliver the freshly roasted coffee beans to the winners of our little contest.

I stopped by Boot Café in the Marais, where artist, musician and mystic Melodie Knight is currently working as a barista and I had to take these pictures, because the place was just so tiny, warm and cute thanks to her wonderful presence. But above all, NO ONE I know, wears RED lipstick the way this young Lady does!

–  NOTE to the Gentlemen of the Specialty Coffee League: if by any chance, you do like wearing RED lipstick or any kind of lipstick, I would be more than delighted to arrange a photo shoot! I would even suggest that we make a monthly calendar!


Coffee shop: Boot Café
Address: 19 rue du Pont aux Choux – 75003 Paris
Barista: Melodie Knight
Coffees roasted by: Cafés Belleville
Cakes & Cookies by: Emperor Norton