Welcome to NOIR SANS SUCRE, which means ‘black, no sugar’ in French and is also a personal preference for my tea and coffee.

I started a fascinating adventure back in 2011, when I met in my hometown, a small group of baristas, coffee roasters, coffee aficionados and creative entrepreneurs who were not happy with the quality of coffee served in Paris and in France. They made me rediscover a product, that I could barely drink despite its incredible aromas and scent.

NOIR SANS SUCRE was created because we believed that every cause needs a great creative and geeky team behind and some amazing projects started with a simple cup of tea or coffee.

This website is dedicated to the passionate people, lovers of all kinds, who are making a difference, one drop, one gesture at a time.

Thank you for the support! We hope you’ll like the newsfeed.

Please, don’t hesitate to come and say hi!

Best Wishes,

Ruoxiang Chau
شاو روكسيان

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